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Spend less time finding clients & more time finding candidates
Access to a high-profile employer can be key to your agency's growth, but navigating the procurement maze at large organizations is not for the faint of heart assuming the vendor.

Why We’re Here

Every company is unique—and every candidate wants something different from their work. We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately looking for the same thing: the right fit.

We’re here to help them find it.

What We Do

We forge more authentic connections between employers and candidates by providing an inside look at your company’s culture, workplace, and values.

Who We Are

Our audience of next-gen talent is diverse and engaged. Millions of qualified candidates come to The Muse every year in search of the next great place to grow their careers—and your company should be visible when they’re ready to make their next move.


Makes hiring easier and 5X faster

Single Agreement

Work with a single agreement and Centralized billing. No need to have multiple agreements with multiple consultants.

Cloud Based

Stay updated with real-time activities, accessible from anywhere, anytime using our Cloud based platform, which offers a fully secured, multi-user environment for hiring on the go.

Success Fee Driven Model

Signup and start hiring, completely free of cost. Pay only upon successful recruitment.

Collaborative Hiring

Invite and collaborate with line managers and interviewers to speed up your hiring process and eliminate process leaks.

Single Window

Engage instantly and cut down on your Administrative efforts of vendor evaluation, procurement, legal vetting and negotiations through our single window marketplace.

Replacement Guarantee

With up to 90 days of replacement guarantee against any early attrition, your risks are covered.

Application Tracking System

Track & update the progress of applicants in real time, at every stage of your recruitment cycle, using our integrated dashboards. Get updates on every status change on email & WhatsApp.

Hiring Control with Analytics

Make sense of your hiring activities with differentiated access and automated analytics accessible from a Performance Dashboard.

Automated Billing

An automated task management system with timely reminders and automated billing and email system to carry out your work Flawlessly.

Champion a
data-driven HR culture.

We rank your applicants according to test scores certified by our experts. This means your HR team can rely on good data to make important decisions – and not just their gut feeling.

With Althrm, you’ll lead the shift to a more professional and data-focused HR culture in your company.

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Top talent is priceless. We make finding it affordable.

A time-consuming screening process costs you a lot. Painful mis-hires cost you much, much more. With Althrm, you avoid all of this and see a huge return on investment every single year.

Start screening with us today on our free plan.